12. How to Make a Musical.ly Video

Musical.ly is a home to create videos and over 12 million new videos are posted in the Musical.ly app every day. If you want to post your video, let’s start to record it. But how musical.ly works? Don’t worry. Musical.ly is such a user-friendly app that you can create your video with just a few steps.

STEP 1. Open the Musical.ly app and tap the “+” icon in the center bottom of the homepage.
STEP 2. Hold the “Video” button to record a video.

If you want to decorate your video, you can set something before starting to record.
– Add some funny Musical.ly face filters.
– Turn the beauty mode on.
– Select sound from the Musical.ly music library.
– Set video play speed in Epic, Slow, Norm, Fast, or Lapse option.

Note: If you don’t want to make your Musical.ly video without holding the button all the time, you can set clip duration to make the recording stops automatically at the exact time. Just tap on the third button on the right list.

STEP 3. Stop holding the “Video” button when you complete your video creation and click “√” to move to the next step. If you aren’t satisfied with what you have recorded, click “×” to discard it.

STEP 4. Make your video perfect by some editing tools and then tap the “Next” button.
Musical.ly is a very user-friendly video editor and there are some editing tool buttons showing on the bottom left and the top right. And you can use them based on your preference.
– Add “Filter Effects” or “Time Effects”.
– Remove some section by dragging the square to set the video cover.
– Change sound from the Musical.ly music library.
– Adjust the proportion of the original sound.

STEP 5. Post your video.
Before posting your video publicly, here are some suggestions for you to make your video known by more people.

– Write a video description to show video content.
– Add relevant hashtags so that the right audience could find it.
– Tap “@” to inform your friends that you have made a video.
– Make sure your friends and other users can leave a comment.
– Share the video to your other social accounts like Facebook and Twitter.
If you want the video to be your private one, just go to “Privacy and Settings” and switch to “Private account” in “Privacy and Safety” option.

Note: If you already have amazing videos in your library, upload some of these on Musical.ly can help jumpstart your account.

After reading the tutorial, I believe you have mastered the method to make your Musical.ly video creation. Let’s join Musical.ly global community and shot awesome videos. Don’t forget, musical.ly is a platform where vertical videos shine brightest. Try to make vertical videos on your Musical.ly app!

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