14. Most Popular Musical.ly Songs

Musical.ly app is a platform that incorporates music and video. On the one hand, adding Musical.ly songs makes Musical.ly amazing; on the other hand, watching Musical.ly videos with music helps Musical.ly songs become wildly popular. Some Musical.ly music lovers made a playlist about Musical.ly songs on Musical.ly YouTube. Click here to listen to some popular Musical.ly songs.

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Some users prefer listening to Musical.ly songs without videos. Is there any easy way to download Musical.ly songs? Yes, VidPaw is exactly what you are looking for! VidPaw is an online downloader which helps users freely download music and videos on Android, iPhone, or PC. With VidPaw, you can download Musical.ly songs and enjoyed them at any time and on anywhere.

STEP 1. Play a video on Musical.ly app and copy its URL.
STEP 2. Go to VidPaw and paste the link into the bar.
STEP 3. Scroll down to find the “Audio Download” section and select the format and quality you want.

STEP 4. Tap the “Download” button and then listen to your favorite Musical.ly songs.

If the Musical.ly songs that you want to download also are playing on YouTube, you may choose the below simple trick.

STEP 1. Type “paw” after “youtube” in the address bar, for example, www.youtubepaw.com
STEP 2. Press the “Enter” key and redirect to the download page.
STEP 3. Click to download the desired Musical.ly song in “Audio Download” section.

Note: The easy hack only works for YouTube so far.

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