10. Features on Musical.ly App

In Musical.ly, user record short videos in 15 seconds to 1 minute with special editing tools. As soon as know more features of the Musical.ly app, you can create awesome videos and share them with friends all around the world.

10.1 Rich Musical.ly Songs Library

Add your favorite music to your videos. Since the Musical.ly app is a platform that incorporates music and video, featured music playlists are provided for the user to edit their videos with thousands of free music clips and sound effects. You can add Musical.ly songs from the hottest tracks in every genre, including pop, rock, rap, electronic, R&B, country, and more.

10.2 Funny Musical.ly Emoji and Face Filters

There are hundreds of emoji stickers you can add to your videos to take them to the next level. Using facial recognition like Trending, Face Filters, AR, 3D Mask helps you express yourself in vivid ways. Besides, you can use tons of beauty effects to make your video perfect.

10.3 User-friendly Musical.ly Video Editor

In the Musical.ly app, editing a video is very easy. Editing tools allow you to easily trim, cut, merge and duplicate video clips. Before making a video, you can set clip duration to stop recording at an exact time. Besides, you can record your video with different speed options: Epic, Slow, Norm, Fast, and Lapse. Other time effects like reverse, flash, and slow motion can also be added to make your video perfect.

10.4 Various Musical.ly Videos

Dance, Comedy, Vlog, Music, and other kinds of videos are all in Musical.ly app. Those 15-second to 1-minute videos could help you kill your time when waiting for a bus or make good use of fragmentary time to free yourself. Besides, watching live streaming in Musical.ly is also an entertainment to interact with others. When watching a Musical.ly live, you can give a like to the muser by taping the Musical.ly heart if you like his or her Musical.ly live.

10.5 Musical.ly Social Network

Musical.ly is a social network app where you can join a vibrant and highly-engaged community of content creators and show your incredible talents on this platform with your phone camera. You will be inspired by those extraordinary video creators and develop your potential talent.

Above amazing features help Musical.ly app be popular and gain more fans. Musical.ly is making effort to develop itself and update more features to users.

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